Monday, March 17, 2008

Super Bowl For Women

Great news for all the ladies! HBO, along with New Line Cinema have finally got their acts together and are releasing “Sex and the City: The Movie” on the 30th of May in the US.

What’s significant about this movie, from an advertisers’ point of view, are the “partner brands” included in the film in ways that range from mentions in lines of dialogue to numerous appearances on screen. In exchange, the owners of the brands will help publicise the movie with commercials, posters, sweepstakes, viewing parties, events in stores, contests, ticket giveaways and even products with labels inspired by “Sex and the City.”

Brands such as Skyy Vodka, Bag Borrow or Steal (which rents handbags and jewellery online), Coty fragrances; Glacéau Vitaminwater, Mercedes-Benz and the jeweller H. Stern have all been listed as partner brands.

The president of New Line Cinema, Chris Carlisle, said that by aligning only with those brands that make sense, that match up with the ‘Sex and the City’ brand, they’re able to extend the footprint of Sex and the City, not duplicate it.

The first phase of the movie’s launch campaign gets under way with trailers in theatres, signs in Midtown Manhattan and a Web site ( Ads will begin in about a month in magazines and newspapers as well as on Web sites, radio and television, especially during the reruns of “Sex and the City” on US cable and broadcast stations.