Friday, March 25, 2011

Augmented Reality Film

The Witness claims to be the first film to take place on the "outernet", blending drama with real life interactivity through a specially designed iPhone app, where participants either inadvertently saves the day or becomes the villain of the story as a result of a series of decisions they make along the way.

In order to participate,
German viewers would apply online, where "winners" got to enter a real-life version of the movie in which they play a role, using their phones to watch snippets of the film that play out like a virtual layer over the physical environment they are in.

Via - YouTube

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mercedes' Transparent Wall

As an attempt at communicating Mercedes Benz's Pre-Safe philosophy, the brand commissioned a part commercial/part installation to further lay claim to the brand's claims to innovations

The installation required a mounted camera on one side of a wall, with a projector displaying any cars, bicyclists or pedestrians on the adjacent wall. The effect literally allows drivers to see around the corner, and while it's not a perfect representation of the Pre Safe system. Below is a more demonstrative video:

Via - YouTube

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Speed Date With New SLK

Mercedes US have launched an interactive campaign utilising social media to showcase the new SLK to the world.

The campaign works as a choose your own adventure type of interactive movie, where you, the user, are treated to a test drive by a fictitious Californian called Ksenia Lauren. Throughout the test drive, the story unfolds differently depending on the choices you make after being prompted at various points. You are also offered a chance to become her Facebook friend, which will update you as the campaign unfolds if you choose to become a fan.

To experience the SLK for yourself, click here.

Via - Mercedes Benz

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

VW Virtual Test Drive

VW have introduced a new iPhone app that aims to demonstrate to prospective customers on some of the company's newer technologies

To use the app, participants hold their iPhone above a VW ad in a magazine or newspaper with a road printed on it. Following the curve of the road with the phone shows how some of the car's safety features respond to real-world driving conditions.

The app allows users to switch between modes. For example, in the Adaptive Lights mode, the headlights on your virtual VW will follow the curve of the road. In Lane Assist mode, the phone vibrates when your car gets too close to the edge of the virtual road. There's also an Adaptive Cruise Control mode, which puts a second virtual car in front of your VW and keeps them an equal distance apart as you move across the page.

Via - Autoblog

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harley Tries Crowdsourcing

Harley Davidson took the decision to allow the brand's fans to create their next commercial. The brand made the brief public and received over 600 ideas from 200 individuals. This was then shortlisted to 65 possible ideas, with one eventual winner chosen.

Below is the perhaps slightly predictable result:

Via - PSFK

Removing The Boundaries Between The Real & The Virtual

It's often easier to imagine concept cars as the manifestation of talented designers' vision on paper. And when a car looks as futuristic and the concept behind the design so intangible and ground breaking, as was the case with the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept shown at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year, it's almost impossible to think that the manufacturers would make a working prototype to give people a taste of things to come.

BMW did it, and below is a behind the scenes video that proves it.

Via - AOL Autos

Monday, March 7, 2011

Toyota Attempts To Buy Friends

Toyota Australia recently launched a social media campaign in support for the FJ Cruiser. The idea is a simple one, for every "Like" the brand receives on it's Facebook page, the total price of the vehicle will decrease by $5 for the eventual winner. Over and above the discounts, the brand will also throw in extra value-add items to entice potential purchasers even more.

The overall winner of the competition, out of all those who participated on Facebook will stand a chance of buying the vehicle at a maximum $20000 discount.

Via - Like My Ride

"Objective" Comparisons By Ford

Ford has provided vehicles for various police departments in the US for some time now. The brand has cleverly enlisted the men in uniform to be the objective brand ambassadors for the updated range of interceptors, showcasing the Ford's superiority by pitting the new vehicles against competitor brands.

After all, how can anyone argue with a police officer?

Via - Ford

Ritz- Carlton Transforms Cadillac Experience

Cadillac was recently named the best automotive brand for customer service by J.D. Power and Associates in the US, rising from the number-two spot it occupied last year.

The key behind the brand's success was due in part to a revolutionalised training for sales associate in collaboration with Ritz-Carlton service consultants. According to GM, Cadillac partnered with the luxury hotelier on its first series of training programs, called "Defining Moments" aimed at elevating the customer experience.

Via - Luxist