Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nokia’s Smartest Phone Ever

In a world where the efficiency and technology on your phone affects your productivity, a phone is no longer a tool used only for voice calls. Brands that where not traditionally ‘cell phone brands’ such as Apple and LG have challenged the more established cell phone manufacturers and are leading the race in innovation and usability. Nokia has responded with the N97, Nokia’s smartest phone so far.

The N97 is the first Nokia phone to use a large touch display, but also has the traditional key pad for those who are not entirely comfortable with touch screens. It is also the most powerful smart phone with 32GB internal storage. The innovation includes live, up to the minute, news updates and Facebook live page. With so much competition in the technology and cell phone industry, the consumer is the ultimate winner as Nokia takes on the competition.


Monday, July 27, 2009

S.A Business Schools Defy Recession

While a majority of the business sectors are experiencing the negative effects of the economic downturn, with many businesses struggling to survive; the South African business school environment is defying the recession.

Although these institutions are modest about declaring their worth, the income generated annually by Wits annual is estimated at R1bn. Some Business schools' annual turnover is well over R100m. Wits signed a single R23m contract with a parastatal last month. The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has begun work on a new R450m campus at their Soweto Campus. Pretoria University's Gordon Institute of Business Science (Gibs) has recently completed a R100m expansion. All of this proves that Business School brands are recession resistant.

Demand for executive programs such as the MBA qualification has never been so high in South Africa. This demand is in line with International trends. Jeanette Purcell, CE of the London based association of MBAs states that, “International demands for executive education have hit record levels”. The result is a greater demand on business school brands to ensure effective communication to gain control of this booming industry.

Via: Financial Mail

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coca-Cola - Freestyle

Coca-Cola, seeking to give more freedom to consumers' desire for exclusivity and customisation, has launched what they termed as "the soda fountain of the future".

Called Freestyle, these dispensers are set to offer more than 100 flavor options. There are traditional sodas, flavored waters, carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, energy drinks and so on.

Apart from the highly technical nature required for these machines in order to ensure purity of taste for each drink, they are also installed with a communications system that allows business data to be sent back to Coke's headquarters in Atlanta. The machines upload data about beverage consumption, peak times, and popular locations. Coke can also talk back to the machine, letting it know if a particular flavor needs to be discontinued or recalled and causing it to stop serving the drink immediately.

Below is the first look at the machine's touchscreen interface, designed by Bsquare Corporation.

Via - Fastcompany

Monday, July 20, 2009

Interactive Digital Graffiti

For decades graffiti artists have been actively fighting for their skills to be accepted as an art form, yet society still associates it with vandalism. A UK based company called YR Wall, is set to change all perceptions about graffiti.

The company is launching an interactive digital graffiti wall. The wall avoids the typical negative connotations associated with graffiti, as no paint is used. Graffiti artists paint on a projection screen using a can that's actually an infra-red beam controlled by a button and tracked using a computer vision system.

The spray can’s button works like a cordless mouse and each can is connected to a specific colour. Although this form of virtual digital graffiti will not match the adrenaline of real street graffiti it is a solid contribution to the graffiti renaissance and enables the public to truly celebrate graffiti as an art form.


Monday, July 13, 2009

The Aston Martin You Won't Want

Behold the prototype Aston Martin Cygnet - which is likely to go into production in the 'not too distant future', according to Aston Martin and expected to be priced at about £20,000.

According to Aston Martin's chief executive, Dr Ulrich Bez, the Aston Martin Cygnet will 'apply Aston Martin design language, craftsmanship and brand values to a new segment of the market'.

Why then, is the baby Aston based on one of the most accessible and mass produced cars in the world, the Toyota iQ?

With the downturn in the world economy no doubt affecting the sales figures for the luxury marquee, it's understandable that Aston Martin would need some kind of a boost in order to stay afloat. But is this the best way to go about it or has Dr Bez simply lost his mind?

Via - Brandchannel

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Enjoy A BigMac While Your Car Recharges

The trouble with the idea of rechargeable electric vehicles is the lack of infrastructure to support the system. Sales for rechargeable cars would not take off until there are convenient recharging stations and with international corporations so far being fairly lackluster in installing such systems the concept has yet to gain the momentum as was initially touted.

McDonald's, in collaboration with a company called NovaCharge, seems as though they are about to change the status-quo. The fast food chain is said to install special hybrid parking in a new North Carolina chain, complete with electric vehicle charging stations. NovaCharge’s ChargePoint Network system is a connected model that provides subscription-based access for owners of rechargeable electric cars.

It has been reported that batteries would take between 2 and 4 hours to charge, which is somewhat longer than what an average consumer would like to spend at McDonald's, no doubt. However, it is a fantastic initiative and with McDonald's vast global footprint, they can really make a difference if they chose to.

Via - RedFerret

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kanye West – Louis Vuitton Collaboration.

In a first for French luxury fashion giant Louis Vuitton, the brand has collaborated with American based Hip Hop artist Kanye West to create limited edition designer Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Marc Jacobs, Creative Director for the Louis Vuitton, approached Kanye West after the success of his collaboration with Nike. Kanye West and Nike collaborated to create the Nike Air Yeezy in 2003. Louis Vuitton is launching ten Marc Jacob designs of the Don sneaker.

West commented on the collaboration by saying “I’ve always stressed my passion for design and Louis Vuitton is at the forefront of groundbreaking design”. The sneakers launched in the U.S on the 6th of July at $ 650 (R5 200) per pair.