Thursday, July 9, 2009

Enjoy A BigMac While Your Car Recharges

The trouble with the idea of rechargeable electric vehicles is the lack of infrastructure to support the system. Sales for rechargeable cars would not take off until there are convenient recharging stations and with international corporations so far being fairly lackluster in installing such systems the concept has yet to gain the momentum as was initially touted.

McDonald's, in collaboration with a company called NovaCharge, seems as though they are about to change the status-quo. The fast food chain is said to install special hybrid parking in a new North Carolina chain, complete with electric vehicle charging stations. NovaCharge’s ChargePoint Network system is a connected model that provides subscription-based access for owners of rechargeable electric cars.

It has been reported that batteries would take between 2 and 4 hours to charge, which is somewhat longer than what an average consumer would like to spend at McDonald's, no doubt. However, it is a fantastic initiative and with McDonald's vast global footprint, they can really make a difference if they chose to.

Via - RedFerret