Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Audi A8 & The "Light Light" Sculpture

Audi recently launched the all new A8 in the US, a car that the marquee has bench-marked as the cutting edge in innovation and design.

The new sedan boasts a whole new aluminum frame, next generation LED lights as well as a whole new interactive, hand-writing based navigation system. Added to these visible technological advances, Audi also claimed that despite the larger capacity engines, fuel-consumption will decrease with the new model.

Audi combined with the opening of Design Miami for the launch of the new A8, and featured a panel of design experts who spoke about the importance of innovation in design, and how core both are at Audi. A special sculpture was commissioned by Audi which took four weeks from brief to completion, and was inspired by the car's impressive use of aluminum and LED and interior ambient lighting.

Via - Cool Hunting