Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coca-Cola - Freestyle

Coca-Cola, seeking to give more freedom to consumers' desire for exclusivity and customisation, has launched what they termed as "the soda fountain of the future".

Called Freestyle, these dispensers are set to offer more than 100 flavor options. There are traditional sodas, flavored waters, carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, energy drinks and so on.

Apart from the highly technical nature required for these machines in order to ensure purity of taste for each drink, they are also installed with a communications system that allows business data to be sent back to Coke's headquarters in Atlanta. The machines upload data about beverage consumption, peak times, and popular locations. Coke can also talk back to the machine, letting it know if a particular flavor needs to be discontinued or recalled and causing it to stop serving the drink immediately.

Below is the first look at the machine's touchscreen interface, designed by Bsquare Corporation.

Via - Fastcompany