Monday, July 20, 2009

Interactive Digital Graffiti

For decades graffiti artists have been actively fighting for their skills to be accepted as an art form, yet society still associates it with vandalism. A UK based company called YR Wall, is set to change all perceptions about graffiti.

The company is launching an interactive digital graffiti wall. The wall avoids the typical negative connotations associated with graffiti, as no paint is used. Graffiti artists paint on a projection screen using a can that's actually an infra-red beam controlled by a button and tracked using a computer vision system.

The spray can’s button works like a cordless mouse and each can is connected to a specific colour. Although this form of virtual digital graffiti will not match the adrenaline of real street graffiti it is a solid contribution to the graffiti renaissance and enables the public to truly celebrate graffiti as an art form.