Monday, March 3, 2008

More Ways Of Faking Status

Here’s a follow-up to a post we made last month in reference to the counterfeit economy. While the bulk of this booming economy stems from fairly easy to replicate products such as handbags and watches, it seems that counterfeiters are becoming savvier and replicating far more expensive items.

In Sicily, counterfeit Ferraris are being sold on the black market. A few manufacturers have been busted for selling the red luxury sports cars for price as low as 20,000 euros. They were honest in their sales; the people buying them knew they were fakes, but they also knew the sexy cars contained pieces from real Ferraris as well. It was perfect for status seekers without the cash to buy the real thing.

The cars are put together from various donor brands. A “Ferrari” might have had a BMW door, VW trunk, Nissan roof and Audi chassis, but when put together and painted, the car looks just as good as a classic Ferrari.