Monday, March 10, 2008

New Frontiers In Co-Branding

Just when Adidas and Samsung have teamed up to tackle the Nike + iPod collaboration with the rather ungainly health system incorporating the miCoach phone (which includes a heart-rate monitor and step counter to deliver instant feedback and online capabilities), Nike and Apple have up the game and have recently enlisted the help of a number of gym equipment manufacturers to build a whole eco-system of cardio-vascular gym equipment compatible with the Nike + iPod system.

The Nike + iPod system would let you plug your iPod nano into the equipment, track your workouts and upload the data to the website.

According to Nike's own announcement, Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac and Technogym are already on board and working on iPod-ready equipment, while participating gyms (including 24 Hour Fitness and Virgin Active Health Clubs) are supposedly set to starting using the system later this year.

The Samsung miCoach system