Monday, March 10, 2008

Sony Bringing Back the Thrill

To promote the commemorative Michael Jackson “Thriller” album, music company Sony BMG hired a group of dancers and had them break into an impromptu Zombie dance on the London Tube to Thriller. The footage was shot and posted on video sharing sites such as Youtube. Other zombie dance sequels were also seen at the central Copenhagen train station, in Chinatown in London and on the street outside the Sydney Opera House.

Sony undertook the campaign in part because of some major hurdles to a traditional approach. Mr. Jackson is not only somewhat tarnished, but also reclusive.

Within a month, the various videos had been viewed more than a million times. The album seems to be selling well all over the world apart from the US at the moment.

View the original London tube video below.. I can't imagine the same stunt being carried out in more traditionally conservative cultures such as those found in Japan and elsewhere in the Far East without some serious consequences. We would probably have seen shrieking passengers and angry policemen in action.