Thursday, March 27, 2008

Metrics For Your YouTube Videos

Google has introduced a free YouTube tool that will provide those who post clips with deeper insights into when, where and how often their videos are viewed. Using YouTube Insight, publishers can analyze the viewing patterns of individual videos far more thoroughly than in the past.

With the new tool, any content publisher can examine which days of the week or hours of the day traffic spikes; which U.S. states account for the most viewing streams; and how long particular clips remain popular.

Theoretically, publishers can use the tool to determine programming strategies. Advertisers can use it to test the popularity of several different ads in different parts of the country. Media planners could use it to gauge their best spending opportunities.

"Effectively, we've become the world's largest focus group," said YouTube product manager Tracey Chan, "There are so many use cases. This really enables programmers and marketers to optimize their presence on YouTube."