Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Firebrand Fizzles Out

Around October 2007, we came across a project that excited many of us in the ad industry. Firebrand, an on-line ads-as-content website was launched. At that stage, it seemed like the future looked bright for the site as quite a few enviable clients such as Adidas and Coca-Cola were already on their list.

While I dismissed rumours of it's possible shut-down earlier this month, it became official today, NBC Universal has pulled it's support for Firebrand.

There seemed so much potential for the site in terms of interactivity with interested consumers, not to mention the sheer amount of people who're interested in watching good adverts - judging by the amount of ads that get posted on sites like Youtube - a collection of the very best adverts in a centralised location should surely be appealing?

I'm sure the powers that be at NBC had their reasons to pull their support... but I personally think they were a bit hasty.