Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diesel Wall Helping Salvage Public Space

The Diesel Wall Project was first launched 5 years ago and is back for its latest instalment. This year’s competition was launched earlier this month and the winning designs will be exhibited in Manchester, Barcelona, Zurich and New York.

Diesel claims that the ultimate goal is “to salvage what prominent precious public space is left”. According to the project manifesto, "we are bombarded by a never-ending stream of mass-produced cerebral pollution offering at absolute best nothing more than needless want”, and it seems that Diesel's answer to this problem is to call for entries from aspiring designers and artists around the world for inspirational design, which will no doubt be PR-ed to death. Pretty harsh words and rather ironic from those who are marketing one of the most expensive fashion brands out there...

Nonetheless, click here to check out the site for yourself and submit your own inspiring design.