Thursday, March 6, 2008

Recycling Commercials

Sony has reportedly been working on a new communications campaign to promote its green credentials. The company has ramped up its recycling efforts with events at which consumers can drop off old Sony electronic equipment.

At a recent press launch of the campaign, the senior VP of corporate marketing displayed story-boards for the TV ads. The company has recycled old adverts to remind the consumers to recycle their old electronics. The concept work included a father videotaping his wife and child outside at play with an enormous camera in one hand and suitcase-sized carrying case slung over his other shoulder; another spot features a boy playing the piano with a bulky cassette-tape deck looming in the foreground.

Sony’s green initiative was officially launched in August last year. It’s too early at this stage to see whether the messaging is resonating with consumers and translating into sales, or whether this is just another corporate green-washing exercise.