Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rarity Breeding Demand - With Technological Help

Scion has established a cult following through its association with hip culture, music, as well as their alternative marketing campaigns since the brand’s launch in the US market a few years back. When Toyota USA announced the launch of the limited edition Scion tC RS 4.0, a carefully crafted and integrated launch campaign was inevitable.

The launch campaign broke on March 15, in Chicago and New York. Pedestrians encountered custom, large-format interactive billboards, which use the retail storefront ad platform from New York-based InWindow Outdoor.

Following the 'Out of Reach' campaign theme, the cars appeared in the window displays, but as people moved closer, the cars moved away from them.

There’s also an interesting online element consisting of a microsite and web-banners which allows users to download wallpapers and browse specs and picture galleries of the car, which has been limited to only 2300 units.

With the interactive billboards, Scion is further differentiating itself, said the vice president of Scion USA, in trying to reach its target audience, which mainly consists of males in their early-to mid-20s.

"It's less about trying to sell a car than communicating that scion is doing things differently".