Monday, April 14, 2008

New Old Starbucks Logo

We had previously posted on Howard Schultz - Starbucks’ CEO’s efforts at turning the brand around. He has already ordered the chain to close for around two hours during trading hours in order to focus on staff training, much to the delight of Dunkin Donuts.

Now Starbucks is attempting to re-establish their core values of the company in the minds of the consumers by invoking a feeling of nostalgia. They have brought back the original brown Starbucks logo in place of the iconic green one.

Starbucks plans to use the logo on all its cups for about eight weeks. It will remain in ads and as the logo for Pike Place bags of coffee. The new blend, which will be available in every store in the US, has been crafted for a smoother, cleaner finish than many of the rotating blends Starbucks has traditionally carried week to week.