Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Health Club for Your Brain

vibrantBrains is a new type of health club based in San Fransisco, "where the sweat is figurative, but the results are real". Based on the premise that your brain, like any muscle, requires exercising and activity to keep it in its best shape, the club offers brain workouts using a variety of computer software programs and other tools, with some apt names like "The vibrantBrains Neurobics Circuit"and the "Science Salon".

On the issue of viability and future growth and competition, Springwise says:

"No doubt we’ll see plenty of additional products and services aimed at enhancing baby boomers’ brain power, joining a long list of companies already selling everything from vitamins to training seminars. Still, vibrantBrain’s model is unique. And from a business standpoint, it has a couple of profit-enhancing advantages over the traditional gyms that it’s based on. Space requirements are minimal compared to health clubs, and entrepreneurs won’t have to lease or buy an expensive array of exercise machines.

If the mental health club idea catches on, the real competition eventually may come from traditional health clubs, which could add brain-exercise routines as easily as they’ve added yoga and martial arts instruction. However, even if that happens, there should be plenty of opportunities for start-ups to differentiate themselves—from rehabilitative clinics for the elderly to centers focused on mental and physical exercises for kids."

A really interesting concept and it'd be great to see the same sort of exercises used at the Club being employed at all levels of our education system. Department of Education, I hope you're taking note.