Thursday, April 17, 2008

Talking Cockroaches

Zoo York, the skater lifestyle-orientated brand, launched a campaign called "Unbreakable" earlier this month. The TV ad features some talking cockroaches and is fairly humorous, and is supported by an online element called The Zoo York Roach Department, where users can sign up and watch director's cuts of the TVC as well as standing a chance to win Zoo York gear and equipment.

There was also a nice guerrilla element titled "Spread The Word". A group of famous professional skaters and bikers, spray painted hundreds of LIVE cockroaches with the Zoo York logo and loaded them into backpacks. They then hit the streets on their bikes and boards and made their way down to New York’s Wall Street, where they proceeded to throw them at unsuspecting passers-by. Rather disturbing and it must have taken some really brave marketers to have cockroaches represent their brand...