Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nike vs Adidas @ Euro 2008

We had previously come across some commentary on the potential clash between Nike and Adidas sponsorships strategies at this year's Olympics. With Adidas sponsoring most of the teams representing their respective countries and Nike sponsoring individual athletes, the question of who would ultimately garner the most attention was raised. Well it seems Spain's recent success at Euro 2008 may have provided a glimpse of how the fight will end. Below is an intereting TVC made for Euro 2008 by Nike featuring the top players from Spain soccer team. The entire team is sponsored by Adidas, but each of these players are individually signed by Nike.

According to Divinity Metrics, the ad (and a lot of derivatives) is hitting it big in the past few hours with lot of people logging onto video hosting sites like DailyMotion and YouTube to bask in the Spanish success.

Nike, even though did not sponsor Spain, are coming out as winners with their association with the more tangible, individual stars.