Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Find Your "Sweet Moment"

A Uk-based company by the name of "Sweemo", hopes to do for consumers' experiences what eBay did for products. According to the company, they connect “those who have with those who want to”.

Sweemo, whose name stands for “sweet moments,” allows people to bid on thrilling experiences like extreme speed sailing on the Hugo Boss luxury yacht, a luxury getaway complete with Ferrari F430, dinner at home with a personal chef or a 15 second cameo in a movie.

Their offering matches their slogan of “Live more than one life” rather aptly.

Do you have a sweet life you want to share with others?

Sweemo says the site can be used to:

Buy - a meeting with celebrities and other exciting opportunities.
Sell - your access to the coolest parties or exclusive experiences.
Swap - to share your life with our global community.
Request - that backstage pass or introduction to stardom.

Click here to see whether there are any experiences that might appeal to you.

Via:Trendhunter, Springwise