Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Read Any Magazine For Free

PSFK notes an interesting new website called Mygazines that allows users to read magazines, catalogues and brochures online at no charge.

The content is user-submitted and features an easy to use page viewer interface that lets you flip, zoom and scroll pages.

Users can search by title, subject matter and individual articles. An added bonus for site users is a feature that allows people to make their own “Mygazines” by collating content clipped from different sources..

According to PSFK: "Though the legality of this site is in question, there is no doubt that it has potential. Kind of like the online version of browsing magazines in a book store, Mygazines could really provide a useful alternative outlet for publishers looking to reach more readers. When it’s free, your going to attract an audience. Original ads from the print version are included too, so it’s a win for advertisers as well."

An interesting idea and one with potentially far-reaching consequences for advertisers, with the vastly increased readership. It could also be a bandy tool for trend-hunters worldwide who are interested in the latest happenings from around the world.

Click here to read through some magazines yourself!