Thursday, July 10, 2008

Advertising With Pennies

In the same vein as Absolut Vodka's "In an Absolut World" Campaign, with special ATMs set up to dispense free money, another brand has decided to literally buy some awareness.

Chevrolet erected a 20 foot billboard in London made up of over 20000 pennies. The installation was said to have lasted a mere 30 minutes before passers-by cleaned it up.

The penny billboard was unveiled in London’s New Oxford Street to advertise the 769,500-pence starting price of the new Chevrolet Aveo.

Via Trendhunter: “There has been some great car adverts before, but none that have stopped traffic and actually put money back into the motorist’s pocket so this is certainly a first,” said Les Turton of Chevrolet. “We’re glad we’ve topped up lots of people’s wallets, purses and, in some cases, rucksacks, but it would have been nice for the billboard to last a little longer than 30 minutes.”