Monday, July 7, 2008

DNA of Sport

A multiplatform lifestyle and entertainment network called MEN7 debuted earlier this month has partnered with Red Bull to create a branded entertainment Web series, DNA of Sport.

Red Bull will launch 15 Webisodes aimed at demonstrating how action sports push boundaries, documenting athletes as they perform seemingly impossible feats through discipline and daring.

One installment is devoted to motorcycle competition MotoGP. The show begins with archival material and provides a detailed look at how two-wheeled racing has evolved. The episode features MotoGP world champion Nicky Haden as he races at Laguna Seca on his titanium and carbon fiber Honda RC212V.

The series take a soft-sell approach, and the integrations don't showcase specific Red Bull products or overtly push the brand. Instead, interactive contextual overlays give viewers the chance to explore the world of actions sports and -- hopefully -- forge deeper bonds with Red Bull, said Darren Chuckry, COO at MEN7. Ultimately, the creators hope the series, which debuts in September, gets picked up for broadcast on traditional television.

Via: Brandweek