Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Democratised Game Development

In a second attempt to tackle the likes of the PS3 and Nintendo Wii, Microsoft is set to take a leaf out of Facebook's open applications platform and YouTube's UGC strategy to turn the Xbox 360 brand into one that consumers associate with an innovative one.

Back in 2006, Microsoft launched the XNA platform without much success. Essentially, XNA provides a set of tools for consumers to create games for Xbox 360 and Zune platforms. At the time, the strategy didn’t yield much success.
The new platform will be an extension of XNA, but provide a more comprehensive set of tools and marketing platform.

For a mere cost of $99 / year for membership, consumer developers can get access to the platform, as well as a share of the revenue generated by their development.
To support the strategy, Microsoft will also be launching an online store later this year, specifically for user created Xbox 360 games.

Below's is an example of an XNA developed game.