Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Premium Brand & MySpace

Cartier has kicked off its latest campaign for their new collection, Love by Cartier, in a deal which was done out of MySpace's office in France but will span multiple countries.

Cartier has created a MySpace profile, featuring songs from 12 artists, including the likes of Lou Reed and Marion Cotillard. Users can listen to them on MySpace or download them for free at a Cartier mini-site.

According to MySpace, the profile had already recorded around 100,000 views in the first few days,.

"There's this misperception in the market about MySpace being a youth site, a site for teens," said Travis Katz, managing director-international operations for MySpace. "But 85% of our audience in the U.S. is over 18, and 40% of all moms in U.S. are on MySpace." He claims that MySpace reaches more people making $100,000-plus than other social-network competitors, such as Facebook.

Via: Advertising Age