Monday, July 14, 2008

Prince Charles' Aston Running on Wine

With fuel prices sky rocketing worldwide, very few people are denying the importance of finding alternate sources of fuel.

Now, it would appear that even members of the British royalty are setting the example for the noble fuel-saving cause. Prince Charles has converted his 38 year old Aston Martin - a gift from the Queen - to run on bio-ethanol. Post conversion, the car now reports consumption figures of ten miles per gallon, which equates to about 45 bottles of wine per ten miles. The wine, though, puts out 85-percent less CO2 and costs £1.10 per liter, which is less than the cost of petrol in Britain.

It has been reported that a vineyard in Wiltshire has been producing surplus wine that is sold to Green Fuels, a company which specialises in the conversion of wine into fuel.

Via: Daily Mail