Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Choose Your Own Online Adventure

Wally has already been brought up to date to the 21st century, thanks to Canadian artist Melanie Coles and Google Earth. Now, another piece of childhood memory has been modernised with the proliferation of the internet in most parts of the world.

Youtube user SMPfilms’ video series has made an online version of "Choose your own adventure". The adventure utilises the video response system in YouTube to make online video into a game of sorts. Users watch the first clip and then make their choice on what should happen next in the story, in exactly the same vein as the book version.

Below is the first in an adventure about someone trying to find his cat. In order to participate in the story, you'll need to watch the clip on YouTube. Perhaps not the most exciting premise for a story, but still an interesting idea to increase the level with interactivity for brands utilising such channels.

Via: PSFK, Fallon Planning