Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Puma Runs Inside The Tate Gallery

Puma has enlisted the help of British designer and artist Martin Creed for the creation of a rather interesting take on brand activations.

Creed, known for conveying messages on serious topics with an ironic point of view (with artistic works about vomiting, and the "F*ck Off" Project dedicated to Macintosh computers), has decided to infuse the world of art and sports.

Known as the 'Work No.850', the "display" is dedicated to the beauty of human motions. Puma's part comes in the form of the official supplier of designer sportswear with Puma shoes for running and other clothes and equipped people in Puma running in the Tate Gallery’s passages as quickly as possible. The event occurs every 30 seconds until the 16th of November.

A rather different take on brand placement and sponsorships, but one that would surely generate a disproportionately high amount of PR for the brand in a fresh way.

Via: BrandNews