Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Energy Judo"

The US version of the Toyota Prius is set for a redesign next year, rumours are now abound that the new version will have solar panels added to the hybrid vehicle’s roof, a first for any automaker.

The optional solar panels will be used predominantly to run the car's air conditioning.

There's also talks of a plug-in version, as well as a smaller addition to the Prius line, a wagon version, and even a lithium-ion battery-toting hybrid in Lexus trim.

Interestingly, Toyota will also be pushing a line of stylishly designed prefabricated houses compatible with the plug-in Prius, essentially turning your home into a fueling station.

Toyota prefabs are already available in Japan and last year, these units accounted for only .5% of the company's $262 billion in annual sales. The latest push should mean even higher turnovers for the motor manufacturer.

Via: Dvice, Jetson Green