Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Olympics 2008: Nike vs Adidas

Trendhunter brings us an interesting update on the battle of the two athletic gear giants in the lead up to this year's Olympic games.

According to Forbes, China will be the the second largest playground behind the US for both Adidas and Nike after this year's Games in Beijing.

With Adidas being the official sponsor of the Games and Nike the endorser for most of the athletes competing during the Olympics, the endorsement strategies between the two companies will come to a head-on collision in the northern hemisphere summer.

About a third of the competing athletes will change into the Adidas gear on the medal stand, but wear their Nike sneakers during game play. That means all the action shots will be in Nike gear, but the winners in Adidas.

With Adidas having paid approximately $100 million in cash and merchandise donations for the partnership rights, whether they'll ultimately win in market-share is far from certain.