Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is Unexpected Always Good?

Mercedes-Benz Germany have launched a new interactive website for the GLK SUV. The campaign ties in with the debut of the vehicle in the recently released movie version of Sex and the City.

The site allows the user to design their own car, with the ability to customise the colour and rims, ultimately showcasing the car through an interactive music video. Users also have the ability to manipulate the music and interact with the surrounding objects in the video once they have completed the customisation process. There's also a cell phone application which one can download.

The site also includes a “GLK backstage” link where the obligatory stats for the vehicle are shown.

The site is rich in new media which means the loading time in SA feels way too long. Presumably, the premium compact SUV is targeted at someone who is slightly older and a lot more sophisticated than me, with far less time for adver-games, customisation of cars and electronica music. One has to question whether this great idea was implemented on the wrong product by Mercedes.

Click here if you have the patience, time and curiosity to load the webpage and see for yourselves.