Thursday, May 8, 2008

From Green to Blue

A handy "Water Calculator", courtesy of the BBC, shows that I use, on average, a staggering 107 litres of water per day! While this might be 48 litres less than the average Brit, it's still shocking to see how much drinkable water is wasted by me alone.

In terms of sustainability, the green trend, energy use and carbon footprint have been in the spotlight or quite a while now. But in a recent PSFK article, futurist Marion Salzman says, “the era of apparently limitless clean water supplies is ending, and I think clean water is going to be the big eco debate of this year.”

The article also states that the United Nations estimates that a worrying 1.1 billion people lack access to safe water globally, and that by 2050 that figure will double to more than two billion. To worsen the picture, many country's high pollution levels and unrealistic water management practices will only drain the world's resources even further.

Currently, the cost of implementing water-saving and purification initiatives are highly expensive, but will we not pay a far heavier price for it later down the line if we don't do something about it now?