Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't Shoot The Messenger

The death of TV commercials have been predicted by so many modern marketers that you would think consumer behaviour would echo these hypotheses at some stage.

The US Television Bureau of Advertising commissioned Nielsen to conduct a survey on consumer media habits earlier this year. The results of which completely blows the theory of "Death to the TVC" completely out the water, at least for now...

Ad Age reports extensively on the findings but here are some interesting snippets:

  • The 25- to 54-year-old demographic spend 53% of their total daily media hours with TV, more than all other mediums combined.
  • The survey also showed that TV advertising overwhelmingly remains the most influential with 81.4% of the 25-54 adult segment, compared with advertising on internet (6.5%), newspapers (5.8%), radio (3.9%) and magazines (2.3%).
  • Of the over 1200 surveyed, it was also reported that TV had the most persuasive advertising (69.9%), as opposed to 9.5% for newspapers, 7.5% for radio and 8.1% for magazines. Internet advertising scored lowest in persuasive advertising, at 5.1%.
There are always two sides to the story so you can be the judge for this one...