Monday, May 26, 2008

R4000 A Year On Burgers & Fries

Some interesting and unexpected findings were unearthed in a US research study entitled “Fast Food Nation 2008: A Consumer Perspective on the Fast Food Industry". Advertising Age’s report on the findings show that on average, US consumers are spending close on R4000 per year on junk food. The amount seems even more incredible considering the global trend of negative sentiments towards anything remotely unhealthy.

Other perceptions debunked by the study is that contrary to perceptions that fast food being the poor man's choice, frequent users are typically male, below middle age and employed, with high incomes averaging 15% higher than the sample group's average household income. These high-flyers are also by no means couch-potatoes. High-frequency fast-food users are far more involved and more active than the average consumer.

Less than a third of fast-food patrons dine in. Repeat business and brand loyalty are highly dependent on positive drive-through experiences. Convenience remains the catchword to understand consumer choices between outlets.