Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Levi's Guys Need To Get Girlfriends

There has been yet another viral campaign doing the rounds lately, this time courtesy of Levi's. In this video, one can see clips showing a bunch of acrobatic friends doing jumps and backflips into a pair of jeans. The idea sounds simple enough, but for me, the execution has more than a hint of
Axe's "Get a Girlfriend" campaign to it.

Nevertheless, the video has been viewed around 2,6 million times on YouTube to date.

Contagious Magazine had an interesting write-up recently on the effort, citing the lack of overt branding and just "lo-fi"enough to make us think that this is bona fide user-generated content.

Trend Hunter, on the other hand, seem to have their doubts about the genuine-ness of the clip and suspect strongly that this was a Levi's effort. You can read their write-up by clicking here and decide for yourselves. Either way, with so much coverage and so many views, I'm sure the initial objectives set by Levi's have been more than adequately met.