Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Titanic Pen To Match Your Titanic Watch

We’ve blogged about Romain Jerome’s exorbitant and unique watches previously.

One of the luxury brand’s really successful pieces in their collection is the exclusive Titanic-DNA watch which had a two-and-a-half year waiting list back in 2004 when the watch was launched.

The Swiss watchmaker has now introduced a follow-up series of writing instruments which was inspired by numerous elements from the Titanic. There will be a variety of pens within this range, each made of different materials and with a limit of 88 pieces available for each variant.

According to Vialuxe, the pens are “presented in a variety of materials, including palladium, brass, PVD, stainless steel or gold, each Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA shows off a charming array of elements that are taken from the constructive features of ships, including rivets, a propeller, and a wheelhouse steering gear, which operates a propeller that draws ink into the pen nib; this latter feature is visible through a sapphire glass porthole. The barrel of each Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA writing object is adorned with a ring of oxidized steel, which is a fusion between actual material from the sunken vessel, and steel obtained from the Harland & Wolff shipyards, where the RMS Titanic was built”.