Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You The Magazine Editor

Much like the WEbook project we featured last month, whereby your writing can be published as a book, a new website called Magcloud that has been launched recently now offers another interesting print-on-demand service.

Magcloud serves as an economical way for niche publishers to print small runs of magazines and delivers these magazines to the doorsteps of anyone who orders one. Publishers also need not get the community's approval before publication as it is in WEbook's case.

Users upload PDF’s of their magazine to the site and set a desired profit on top of shipping and productions costs. Magcloud then generates a publisher page for your title which provides information, issue previews and an order form. After that the site does all the work, handling the printing, mailing, subscription management, and promotion. Although anyone can buy from the site, publisher accounts are invitation only during the trail phase at the moment.