Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Relevant Spam

Nope, it's not an oxymoron. You would be surprised at how useful spam advertising can be when you are trying to find something relevant to your immediate needs. The problem comes in for most is having to sift through thousands of useless ones before you find what you might originally be looking for.

A French company, called Pubeco, has launched a new site that aims to help cut back on that waste. Launched by Sustainable Development Multimedia (DDM) earlier this year, Pubeco invites French consumers to take an eco approach to the problem by refusing to accept any more print advertising. But rather than simply opting out of all ads in general—80 percent of which are actually appreciated by their recipients, the site says—Pubeco encourages users to view those of local relevance to them online, and it publishes advertisers' paid communications on the site for that purpose.