Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Earlier this week, BMW released their latest concept vehicle, the GINA Light Visionary Model - a German acronym roughly translating to an infinite combination of geometry and function – which is a roadster with a rather interesting exterior.

Unlike the conventional metal of today’s cars, GINA has an animated cloth exterior. The special cloth material does the job in terms of protection for the car, as well as providing the correct aerodynamics and aesthetics.

Chris Bangle, head of design at BMW, says that there will be no difference in how the car lives with you, but it differs in terms of what it could be for you, how you could change things, even to the point where you can change the shape of the exterior.

According to Bangle, the point of the exercise is not to have cloth BMWs in future, but rather to make us think differently about the design process and the degree of flexibility that cars can offer consumers.

Reportedly, when you enter the car, it “wakes up” around you and allows the driver to choose what functions to display, exactly the same philosophy upon which the BMW iDrive system is built.