Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Get Your Own Facebook Application

Thanks to Coca-Cola's newly launched Facbook application called CokeTag, bloggers, indie bands and anyone seeking to promote their own brand to achieve fame and fortune that much quicker.

The interesting and differentiated function of this application is that allows anyone to promote themselves and their interests via a convenient DIY portable application, making the process of sharing of viral elements that much more powerful due to the highly targeted nature of networks and fans.

Coca-Cola describes CokeTag as a “personal, customisable widget for individuals, bands, bloggers, artists, and companies to share links to content they want to promote and drive traffic to anywhere on the Web.”

The CokeTag application features a self-service editor that allows you to control both the content and skin. Several levels of expandable menus enable easy navigation to specific content, while a built-in click tracker lets the creator know every time someone looks at their CokeTag and which links they visit.

Trendhunter describes the distribution options as follows:

(1) Create and post your CokeTag on your personal profile page,
(2) Create and post a CokeTag to any Facebook Fan Page you administer,
(3) Grab and post any CokeTag that you discover on to your own personal profile,
(4) Send a CokeTag as Facebook e-mail attachment,
(5) Post a CokeTag as a Facebook Wall post.

CokeTag will later be available across OpenSocial sites in the near future such as MySpace, Bebo, etc. and eventually be open to all Blogging platforms and everywhere on the Internet.