Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Ways To Get Fit While Gaming

The appeal of gaming is that it allows the players to temporarily escape into a make-believe world, where there are no real life consequences. But ever since the Wii Fit came on the scene towards the end of 2007, the line between real life and gaming has become increasingly blurrier.

Now, SecondLife has jumped on board with this trend and has launched a test phase for the SL-Fitness program. The company has set up prototype stationary bikes connected to computers to allow riders to explore the SecondLife world. Sensors on the bikes read the velocity of the turning wheels and the direction of the handlebars - allowing the avatar to interact with the virtual world. There is even an “ET button” that lets the rider take flight.

The first prototypes are based on conventional bike-type home-trainers, with more conversions and prototypes are in the pipeline.