Friday, February 22, 2008

Yahoo's 3D News Globe

Yahoo’s latest effort at closing the gap between themselves and Google is a 3-D news/mapping web application that allows for the viewer to follow the day’s stories as they happen across the globe.

The application combines Yahoo News RSS feeds with a flash-based 3-D globe that seeks to offer users with an interactive element as they browse through the news. This rotating globe contains red markers indicating where the news story is taking place. The reader can then decide which story he/she wants to follow by rotating the globe with the mouse. Clicking on one of the markers will create a short synopsis of the news story and the size of the marker differs depending on the magnitude of what is being reported.

I went onto
NewsGlobe briefly and while it was mildly entertaining watching the Globe being slowly populated with stories, I was rather disappointed to see that there was not one single story from the entire African continent...