Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Next Big Small-Phone?

Based on a design philosophy that is the polar opposite to that of cellular phone leaders Nokia, Modu Mobile has ditched the “everything-built-in” approach and has left the choice up to the consumers.

The manufacturer allows for a basic cellphone to be adapted and changed whenever it suits the owner, by simply exchanging the outer cover of the phone. Added functionality and unique aesthetics, without having to spend thousands on a completely new phone are main reasons why Modu have adopted this approach.

The other great part about this deal is the ability to link your Modu cellphone into different modu-enabled consumer electronics, or "modu mates", enabling access to your car stereos, photo frames and entertainment systems. It has been reported that the likes of Blaupunkt, Universal Music, and SanDisk already onboard with this initiative.

The company have also recently built the world’s smallest cellphone, according to the Guinness Book of Records and was launched in the US late in 2007. No word yet as to whether the phone will be available in SA anytime soon.