Thursday, February 28, 2008

Technologically Driven Design Concepts

Another interesting concept to come out of the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition in New York is the new Nokia “Morph” concept phone. The Morph is made of flexible nanotechnology that can be bent, folded, and twisted into radically different shapes, allowing for new applications, such as being worn around the wrist. On top of that, the concept device is self-cleaning and transparent throughout.

Nokia says it’ll take at least 7 years before the concept phone makes it to the retailers, and even then, it will initially only be available to the highest end of the market.

The use of nanotechnology is clearly increasing in popularity amongst cutting edge designers. Italian car designer Leonardo Fioravanti (of Pininfarina fame) has developed a prototype car, called the Hydra, with a windshield that doesn’t need wipers and brushes away water and dirt all by itself.