Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Advice For Digital Marketers

The digital marketing landscape is rapidly changing. Consumers are less loyal to brands and more trusting of one another as a result of disruptive traditional marketing methods. Digital marketers must be careful not to make the same mistakes.

Daniel Stein, CEO of digital content marketing firm, EVB, San Francisco gives us his top do’s and don’ts

Best Practices:
1) Simplicity: make it quick & easy;
2) Participation: get people involved;
3) Personalisation: let people make it their own;
4) Unexpected: surprise people;
5) Humor/Entertainment: evoke an emotion;
6) Distribution: use ALL media to tell a story;
7) Communities: make the consumer your marketer;
8) Portability: weave your content into their digital life.

Worst Practices:
1) Lengthy introductions: get to the point or users moves on;
2) Overcomplicating: more technology isn't always better; know your audience;
3) Replication of traditional ads: consumers are savvy and avoid disruptive ads
4) Expecting people care about your brand: if you don’t bring a bottle of wine to the party, you won’t be invited back;
5) Forcing your brand: consumers are in control, so let them come to you.