Monday, February 18, 2008

Luxury Futuristic Restaurant

A restaurant called Adour, which recently opened up in New York City’s luxurious St Regis Hotel, now features a technology-driven, interactive wine bar that lets guests explore for themselves the wide variety of wines available.

The wine bar is constructed from gold and bronze and covered in luxurious goat skin. Built-in interactive technology helps patrons choose a wine by allowing them to browse the complete wine list by wine type, country and variant. Computer menus are projected from the ceiling onto the bar, and patrons make their choices by pressing on the bar's surface. Adding a personal touch to its high-end experience, Adour also offers temperature-controlled, private wine vaults in its 12-seat private dining room to give guests a way to store their very own wine collection.

A perfect blend of wine education and an exclusive and luxurious setting, coupled with a highly interactive experience, could this be the template for future restaurants and bars?