Monday, September 7, 2009

Report Suspicious Non-Human Activity

Sony Pictures UK has launched a successful online campaign in promotion for SA film, "District 9" which calls for all humans to dial in to a 24-hour line and report any suspicious non-human activity. According to the digital agency handling the promotion, hundreds of callers have already left messages about alien sightings in the UK since the phone line went live last week.

The online campaign have also included takeovers of various popular UK sites, such as Sky Sports and MySpace.

Rich-media ads will also appear on The Guardian, which lead to sites that have been created to support the films release - including its very impressive homepage at

The ads also encourage users to share their video content via social networks, helping drive online buzz on websites like Facebook and Twitter. It's a fantastic example of a cleverly integrated online campaign which we'll hopefully see more of in the future.

Via - Revolution Magazine