Monday, September 21, 2009

Castrol Speaks To Drivers In Traffic

Castrol launched a campaign in the UK earlier this year highlighting their wide range of product offerings, allowing the consumer to find the right oil for their individual vehicles.

The campaign was supported online, as well as via a simple mobile app which allows consumers to send in their vehicle registration details. Castrol then checks the registration with the department of transport, thus allowing the brand to know the details regarding your vehicle before sending the user their recommended Castrol oil.

The brand has taken it a step further this week. Castrol has set up registration plate number recognition cameras at five slow-moving traffic sites in London, and once the registration details has been verified on the database, the correct oil recommendation for the vehicle is displayed on adigital billboard further down the road.

It's a clever use of technology which will allow the brand to add a highly relevant touchpoint for potential consumers.

Via -Brand Republic