Thursday, September 10, 2009

Consumer-Generated Vitaminwater

Glaceau Vitaminwater is making use of social media for research and engagement with their latest Facebook application, which monitors buzz from various sources including Google News, Twitter, Flickr and food blog Foodgwaker to create a list of the top ten flavours at any given moment.

If a certain flavour consistently causes enough of a buzz, a final top-ten list will be published on the virtual Flavour Creator app where a final ballot will be held and the most popular flavours available in stores by net year.

Another nice touch calls for consumers todesign the label for the bottle, name the flavour and write the entertaining blurb explaining the water's health benefits, with the winning design selected by Vitaminwater's celebrity partners 50 Cent and Carrie Underwood. The new flavour and label will be announced in December with the winning designer taking home $5000 for their efforts.

Basically, the entire process allows Coca-Cola to create the most popular flavour for the relevant target market, by simply handing over the power to the consumers themselves.

Via - Brand Republic