Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Mad Men Now Twitter

New York Times reports on a new Twitter trend for some of its users. It seems many are posing as characters in their favorite TV shows and updating their followers on their virtual movements.
Most notably, there is an unusually active group of people whose screen names are from the AMC television show “Mad Men,” and they have been posting updates in the characters’ voices.

For instance, the Twitter version of Don Draper, the creative director for a circa-1960s advertising agency, adheres rather closely to his television persona. “Heading into a meeting with @Roger_Sterling,” the user wrote on Wednesday, referring to Mr. Draper’s television boss.

Mr. Draper’s virtual self has nearly 2,000 followers on the Web site. There are also Twitter accounts in the names of Mr. Sterling and Peggy Olson, as well as other characters from the series.

It's unclear whether AMC approves of the use of their characters in such a manner, or whether this is in fact their latest marketing genius, but having fans actively involved in any manner can't be a bad thing for the brand, can it?